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hearing aids - month one

Ok ok I did say earlier that I was going to write a new post in a few days about my hearing aids... amazing how time just slips by you... :) That being said, let me start sharing my experience with the OPN 1 hearing aids.  First of all, they are an improvement over my last hearing aids (also from Oticon). They have changed the way the domes sit on the in-the-ear speaker and I have found that the domes stay on - and provide a snugger fit, helping to eliminate the feedback that one gets when the seal of the dome within the ear gets broken. This then means that I'm also able to leverage the power of the hearing aids to turn up the volume. The audio quality is sharp and crisp - at least the best I can tell given that I do have a hearing loss - but my perception is that the audio clarity has also improved. The battery life is diminished - from about 7 days to about 4-5 days - but I attribute that to the use of Bluetooth in my hearing aids - and I'm willing to sacrific