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Home built Hadoop analytics cluster: Part 5

Home built Hadoop analytics cluster: Part 5 Got the mysql database installed and configured on my secondary node.  Installed the driver on the primary node.  Set up a few users and a database.  Tested the connections. Now hopefully all goes well with the install!

Home built blob storage server

In the hopes of creating a "blob" like storage like Amazon S3 , I recently did a Google for open source blob storage.  To my pleasure, I discovered minio .  Minio allows me to expose an S3 compatible service locally on my home network.  I can now work with large datasets in a S3-like fashion locally without having the overhead of dealing with an Internet connection. I can also set up Minio to be a gateway to Amazon S3 or even to my local Hadoop cluster . I also am able to set up the AWS CLI to interact with minio or have the minio client interact with AWS S3. While redundancy can be implemented with minio, I'll save that as a project for later. I picked up a Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB model from Amazon ($150) and a 8 TB external USB drive from Costco ($120).  One can always step down to a lower model / storage space if needed - just couldn't resist the savings on an 8 TB drive from Costco. :) I downloaded the Raspbian Lite image , set up regionalization and my hostname.