new hearing aids!

Ok, so I'm super stoked to be trying out a new pair of hearing aids from Oticon, specifically the Oticon Opn 1 model. Dr Girard from Hearing Associates was awesome in helping me get fitted with these new hearing aids.  I'm an extremely satisfied patient/customer and I highly recommend Hearing Associates if you're looking for an audiologist to work with in the Gurnee / Libertyville area.  Personally I prefer working with an audiologist vs. a hearing aid specialist if I can - but that's my own opinion. Over the next few days I plan on writing a series of perhaps 3-5 blog posts documenting my experience with these new hearing aids.

My initial reaction is just WOW!  WOW!  Over the next few days you'll see why my head is just swimming today. :)


Disclaimer: I am not being directly paid by Oticon or Hearing Associates to write on this or will not be receiving any discounts on products or services for blogging about this.  I am just an extremely satisfied patient. :)

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