Getting started with Serverless and Alexa development

(Image Credit/Source: Amazon Blog)

More and more I see myself tinkering around with serverless development.

To get started, I had to decide what I was going to use for development, so I started with installing node.js.

Node.js is available for multiple operating systems and can be downloaded here.

Once I downloaded node.js, I used npm to install serverless, e.g.:

npm install -g serverless

I set up my credentials using the following command:

serverless config credentials --provider aws --key AKexampleKey --secret wJalrexampleSecret

You can also install the ask (Alexa Skills Kit) cli using npm:

npm install -g ask-cli

As I plan on doing Alexa skill development, I need to associate my AWS profile with my Alexa development profile.  Excellent documentation provided by AWS can be found here.

I initialized the ask cli with the AWS account (using a key and secret set up previously):

ask init --aws-setup

I then associate the Amazon Developer account with the ask cli:

ask init

We can now start to create our Alexa skill and any associated Lambda functions that would be called as part of the skill, e.g.: ask new and ask deploy.

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