GTC 2020: Jetson Nano

I attended GTC 2020 online and they had a set of sessions that talked about the Jetson Nano.  I realized I had let my projects go to the wayside and I wanted to get back in the fold. I picked up a Jetson Nano kit from Sparkfun as I wanted to go through V2 of the course.  (I completed V1 of the course already earlier.)

I managed to get some cool swag from GTC 2020 - mug, t-shirt and some Lego blocks.

Sparkfun was prompt in getting the order into my hands and I was able to unbox it earlier this evening.

NVIDIA has a great getting started with the Jetson Nano page, so I followed that to get the system up and running.

I'm going to document my experience going through the V2 course in my next post.

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